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Level I Teacher Training: Dates Coming Soon
Time: Friday 5-8 pm. 2 Saturdays: 9:00am - 3:00pm each day.
Cost $375.00

To register: Send in your name, address and payment to:
Hooptastic. P.O. Box 615. Neenah, WI 54957-0615

Join the Growing List of Hooptastic Hoop-Fit Teachers
Hooptastic Hoop-Fit
TM Teacher TrainingTM  
Are you interested in learning more about hooping & all the benefits?
Are you interested in adding something new to your classroom or wellness
Would you like to understand how body mechanics are incorporated not only
into hooping, but all movement?
Would you like to have fun while getting others to move?

Teacher Training: Learn the fundamentals body movement, proper body
mechanics, Fundamentals of Hooptastic Hoop-Fit, Hooptastic 101 &
Hooptastic Hoop-Progressions in this training program that is based on solid
exercise principles.  

Training Locations:  Appleton, WI and I will travel to your location.  If you
have at least 6 people I will travel to your location (additional fees for

Cost for Level I:  $375.00 / person for early registration.
Cost for Level II: $375.00/ person.   Level I required to take Level II.

Class size limited to 12 students. Classes filled on a first come first serve
basis. Payment in full required to register for class. Refunds not available
but you can transfer your registration to a friend for the same date you are
signed up for.
Workshops for Educators,
Personal Trainers, Fitness
Centers, Schools,  
Corporations, & Anyone
interested in learning more
about Hooping!
Add fun & fitness to your
movement classes & wellness
programs today!
Call 920.993.8660
to schedule trainings & order
hoops to match your school
colors, corporate colors, etc.
All hoops handmade.
Hooptastic Hoop-FItTM
Teachers. Comprehensive, Fun
& Based on Sound Exercise
Movement that makes sense.

Certified HooptasticTM   
Hoop-FIt Teachers.
*Mendi Borts, IA
*Tamara M. Hillmann, WI
*Carol Baumhardt, WI
*Anna Marie Johnson, WI
*Jodi Voet, WI
*Hannah Wolfe, WI
*Erika Wolter, WI
*Carmela Hall, WI
Benefits of Hooptastic HoopingTM & Hooptastic Hoop-FitTM   
Create neuromuscular pathways to reinforce proper posture & movement patterns
Challenge the nervous system & increase sensory awareness
Teach skills for challenging balance & coordination
Bring awareness to how the body moves  
Increase Cardiovascular Endurance & Burn Calories
Add Muscle Definition to the Core, Arms, Thighs & Legs
Hooptastic HoopingTM is a great way to relieve Stress
Laugh and have a Great Time
Enjoy the colors of the hoop and the sound of the music
Innovative, Integrative Fun for Fitness, Wellness
Team Building & Self Confidence.